How to Make: Simple Succulent Arrangement

As I have Succulent for Beginners workshop coming up with Nautilus Beauty & Spa on Sunday 11th August, I really wanted to make my own arrangements. As I love propagating succulents from leaves, new baby plants are starting to take over the house. Now is the time to put them all together to make 2 cute little succulent pots!

Simple Arrangement Succulents

Succulent arrangements are super easy and inexpensive. All you need are some stones for drainage (I didn't have any so I used some aquarium gravel - works perfectly), some succulent soil and your succulents. I have a couple of "tools" I use that can help with making succulent arrangements - a chopstick and a spoon! Keep reading to find out how I use them. Once your stones are at the bottom of the pot, pour the soil up to the top, and then it's time to get your succulents ready. Take them out of the pot and gently take off all the old soil from the roots. There are no nutrients left in this soil so you want the roots to be ready to take all the goodness in the new soil.

Simple Arrangement Gravel

I use the spoon to make little holes for the succulents to go into, and pat the soil around the succulent with the spoon. As the pots are getting filled up, it's a little bit more awkward to make holes with the spoon, so I use the chopstick to make room for more succulents and tap the soil around them. I leave these new arrangements for a couple of days, so the roots can settle before I water them.

Simple Arrangement Tools
Simple Arrangement Tools

I love how gorgeous they both turned out!

Simple Final Arrangement

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