My First Succlent Workshop with Nautilus

Recently Jenny from Nautilus Beauty & Spa got in touch with me to see if I wanted to hold a succulent workshop with them. Em, yeah I did! Talk to people about succulents for 2 hours who actually want to listen to me? It's the dream!

Nautilus Beauty & Spa is based in Fairview, they offer a range of treatments from massage and reflexology to beauty therapies and baby massage classes. I got to finally meet Jenny and Karen who were so lovely and welcoming.

The course went so well. I spoke to everyone about how to look after succulents when it comes to sunlight, water, dead leaves and pests. Then we got to go through different ways of propagation, which is my favourite! I showed everyone how to do leaf propagation correctly as well as cuttings. After that we all got to make a succulent arrangement and they all turned out amazing!


Be sure to check back for updates of upcoming classes. I am hoping to do some more in the coming weeks with Nautilus and soon as we agree a date I will be telling you all about it!