How to propagate - Echeveria - 3 ways

Echeveria succulents are my favourite to propagate, probably because they are so easy! So I decided to propagate 3 leaves 3 different ways to see which way was most effective. I will be doing update blog posts over the next few weeks, showing how they are progressing, how to know when to water them, when to take off the mother leaf and which way is the most successful for propagating!

How to Propagate - 3 Leaves

How to remove leaf for propagation.

The most important part of propagation is taking a healthy leaf carefully off the main stem at the bottom. You want it to be a clean break. To do this grab the leaf on either side, close to the stem and gently move it left to right. You will be able to tell if there is much resistance and if so you can be a little firmer. Once you hear the snap, that's it and you have your first leaf off! You must make sure you take off the full leaf. If any leaf remains on the stem it won't propagate.

Air Propagation has to be the easiest way to propagate. I just place my leaf on a plate on a my bookshelf in the kitchen and leave it there. No need for any water or anything, just leave it on the plate and let it do it's own thing.

How to propagate - Echeveria - Air Propagation

Soil Propagation
This is another very simple way to propagate. Once you have the leaf off the stem, leave it to one side for 2-3 days so the end of the leaf can callous over. If you don't let them callous over they could absorb too much water and die. After the 2-3 days have past, you place your leaf on top of the soil and leave it be. No water yet is necessary. The leaf is full of water and is what it will use while it is growing it's baby succulent.

How to propagate - Soil Propagation

Water Propagation

To propagate a leaf with water (after I have left it 2-3 days to callous over), I take two toothpicks, put some cellotape on either end and place the leaf in the middle. Then you just need to get a cup and fill it with water. The toothpicks will balance on top of the cup while the bottom of the leaf will sit in the water.

How to propagate - Water

Keep an eye out on this page for a weekly update on how each leaf is doing and what the next steps are. Which way of propagation do you think will win?

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